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Cara Modifikasi Sepeda Fixie

This is the tutorial how to modifikasi sepeda fixie

This break wear brand Fixie 5 cm, only that makes the difference andbetter looking than other assembled fixie only play color aja, herewe are trying to develop sesuain wishes and preferences of consumers, this time Mr. Raymond Reques theme doski demen maInter Soccer's why we have made the bike with a favorite theme ofInter doski

United pure hub for fixie, COG 19 Six Bolt, earrings do not let the chain slack, The radius of the blue.
His theme Inter blend dark blue color, black and yellow like the InterLOGO BLUE, BLACK and YELLOW.

Inter logo and writing on the frame, the frame using special Japanese frame for fixie, strong enough to trick or free style is not like frames alumuniun which often break if they use the TRICK

Thank's to Cara Modifikasi Sepeda Fixie