Modifikasi Sepeda │ Bicycle Modification

Sepeda Fixie Keren 2011

Lately, the trend to ride a bicycle to increase. Until the day without a car make in jakarta (car free day). The road is used only for bicycle users. No less with Jakarta, Yogyakarta every street be made a special lane for bicycles. Yogyakarta Municipality highly supportive of this bike. Until the term "Sego Segawe" (bike school kanggo welcome gawe lan), meaning bike to school and work.

On top of just mere lip service about the activities of cycling (no relation to the title ....). Trends in bicycle type also exist on their own, the first once every one if I buy a certain type MTB bikes, then continued with the trend of folding bike or folding bike (Seli). And lately the goweser especially among young people whose names are presented with a bicycle fixie. Let us peel a little about this phenomenon fixie bike.

Sebenanya what caused the famous fixie bike?

Fixie bike is already long in use, especially in the world of bicycle racing in the Velodrome (room / tracks for racing bikes). bike racing is the fixed-gear that is no freewheel (rear gear is constrained to death with a hub (as) the rear wheel). Ancient people called the fixie bike as doltrap (pedal continues to turn over the wheel mengelinding). Dolptrap can be found in the Pedicab (from Yogyakarta and surrounding areas). From there people develop fixie bikes are not only used in indoor, but outdoor fatherly.Apart from being a sports media can also fatherly fixie bike freestyle and stylish. I think it was a fixie bike lifestyle among goweser (especially young children).

Unique side of the bike fixie:

Minimalist, not complicated: spare parts of bicycle fixie not much. If we only see only the frame, and wheels only.
Cheap: to make less expensive than the Bike MTB, with the lowest spec.
fixed-gear: the pedals continue to spin over the wheel mengelinding.
Without brake & transmission: without dynamic rear gear. All made the fix, the wheels spin the pedals go round. Fixie bike brake pedal with just relying on strength to withstand the rate or push the pedal to the back and assisted from the front wheels.
Ban thin & short steam: thin tires for bicycles is lighter and the rate of steam is made shorter than MTB bicycles.
Color ngejreng: I think just

Sepeda Fixie Keren 2011