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How to Install a Bottom Bracket

How to Install a Bottom Bracket, Instructions

Assemble the able tools. You will charge a splined basal bracket apparatus and a bend (socket wrenches are best).
Make abiding you accept the actual basal bracket. Does it accept the adapted accoutrement (most acceptable you are ambidextrous with a accepted English basal bracket, but accomplish sure)? Is the arbor breadth actual for the cranks you plan to use?
Clamp your anatomy into the adjustment stand.
Inspect the basal bracket shell. It should accept been faced, and the accoutrement should be clean.
Place a advanced bulk of grease on the threads.
Find the drive ancillary cup. This should be absorbed to the armament anatomy and the cup should accept a slight lip on it. There may additionally be an R and an L on the armament body. You appetite the R side.
Insert the armament into the basal bracket carapace on the drive side, and cilia the drive ancillary cup into the frame. For a accepted English basal bracket, this is a LEFT HAND (REVERSE) THREAD, so it will cilia in and bind COUNTERCLOCKWISE. Alpha axis with your fingers first, to accomplish abiding you don't cantankerous cilia it.
Using the bend and basal bracket tool, bind the drive ancillary cup until the lip presses up durably adjoin the alfresco of the basal bracket shell.
Thread the non-drive ancillary cup into the basal bracket. This is a accustomed appropriate duke thread. Again, alpha with your fingers to accomplish abiding you don't cantankerous cilia it.
Tighten the non-drive ancillary cup adjoin the armament body. You appetite it tight, but don't over bind - you can accident the cup, which is about fabricated of aluminum. If you are unsure, analysis the torque specs for the basal bracket, and use a torque wrench.
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Tips & Warnings
When you accept the basal bracket out, it's a abundant befalling to audit your anatomy for rust. See accompanying eHow "Prevent Blight in Your Bike Frame."
Some armament basal brackets are decumbent to creaking. This about comes from the breadth breadth the armament anatomy comes into acquaintance with the non-drive ancillary cup. Grease this breadth liberally, or use a non-drying gasket adhesive (which you can acquisi